Erica Tyler is an emerging artist specializing in night photography.  Her photography captures the feelings of being both large and small in the universe, lonely and part of something infinitely significant.  Tyler, camera in tow, ventures out into the night under starlit skies while most of the world is asleep, capturing the beauty that lies within the darkness.  With often only a small flashlight, she creates her own light, building the photograph like a painting.  The resulting final image is often a composite of many photographs taken during the night, each building a small piece of the scene.

While some shy away from loneliness, Tyler strives to photograph a world that is hers, and hers alone.  She shows moments that make viewers want to slow down, appreciate simple beauty and get outside more often.  She hopes her work will inspire viewers to see the sunset fade to darkness and watch as the stars gently reveal themselves, eventually burning bright.

Tyler is based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.  She began her photography journey in Crisfield, Maryland, documenting sunsets nearly every evening, exploring ways to create unique images at the locations she visited day after day.  Today, she feels fortunate to live near some of the darkest skies on the East Cast of the United States. 

Tyler has also provided agency shots for Google Business View, D3Corp, and a wide range of
small businesses.