Artist Statement

I am a fine art photographer specializing in capturing the world at night. I utilize slow shutter speeds in my photography in order to expose the world beyond the vision of the human eye. Slower shutter speeds make dull stars bright, rough water turn to glass, and barely visible colors reveal themselves. I often create my own light in most scenes with only a small flashlight, building the photograph like a painting. The result of these processes is an image that looks slightly surreal. At night, familiar scenes become other-worldly. It is a world that often goes unseen for a variety of reasons: bright lights, sleep schedules, fear of the dark. I strive to show viewers the brilliance that lies in the darkness of the night.

Limited edition, signed and numbered prints on Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta Satin paper.
Each print will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

7″x11″ print area with .5″ border
11″x17″ print area with .5″ border

Light in the Darkness Series